Is sharing really about caring?


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I was looking for an opener for this article, listening to the 100% Parov Stelar playlist (on Deezer, this goes without saying), when suddenly it seemed like the Ravel Bolero invited itself into Cat Groove. Puzzled, I paused my music trying to understand where this came from. It turned out the sound originated from the apartment next door. Feels like sharing is not caring for your neighbours calm and quiet, or caring if they share the same music tastes as you do…

Why do you share music anyway? Because you’re so into that tune you want the world, well your friends at least (or neighbours in my case) to notice that this is your non-stop music of the moment? To show off your great taste in music? (Even if the neighbour might disagree). Or is this really caring about others so much that you want to enlighten their day with some cheering-up tune? Help them through a bad break-up with a dedicated playlist? Building-up a collaborative playlist for your next weekend (nop, Covid-19 never happened in my fantasy world) with friends? Hard to answer that question, hein?

Yes, Deezer is a music streaming service, but also a music sharing app. 

Good news is you don’t have to justify yourself when sharing a tune (ie my neighbours, now playing Moonlight Sonata for the whole building), or anything you’re musically into at the moment. How to share a Deezer playlist, song, album, artist, anything actually? All you have to do is press the sharing button on your Deezer app or web player to let the world know THIS is the song or podcast of the hour. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or the good old copy/paste link, you name it. Pro tip: you can even share the song lyrics on Instagram and Snapchat. Want to keep it for the “happy few”? Try the collaborative playlist. Also, no worries, the lucky ones who’ll receive the link will be able to listen to the content without downloading any app. They just have to click on the link to enjoy an extract of it. 

And this goes even better as the Deezer team is always improving your sharing experience. So, yeah, might be that, after all, sharing is about caring. Your neighbours can only share with the building, your sharing ability is as large as your friend list.