Discover a Universe of Anime Music on Deezer’s Anime Channel: Explore Playlists, Artists, and Albums


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Deezer offers a dedicated channel exclusively focused on anime music, providing a convenient solution for fans of this genre to satisfy their musical cravings.

Check out our curated playlists of timeless anime classics, soundtracks to your favorite anime movies and TV series, and essential listening from years past to today.

This is Anime

Serving as a great primer for the genre, This is Anime offers a diverse selection of anime playlists. The featured Anime Essentials playlist provides a thorough introduction to all aspects of anime, giving listeners a comprehensive history of the genre’s sound. Standout songs from the playlist include the melodic “GLASSY SKY,” with its soaring vocals and sparse production, and “Gurenge” by LiSA, a notable singer and songwriter who has recorded songs for prominent anime media such as Demon Slayer.

If you’re interested in specific TV or film music, we’ve got you covered. An unparalleled depiction of a dystopian future, Ghost in the Shell’s distinctive vision left an indelible mark on the world of science fiction and cyberpunk. Reflecting the film’s enigmatic and introspective nature, the Ghost in the Shell playlist features ambient songs infused with occasional vocals, emphasizing the intricate relationship between humanity and technology. We’d be remiss not to mention another top Deezer selection: the Studio Ghibli playlist. The studio is revered for its atmospheric songs that evoke visceral feelings, making the legendary anime stories they accompany truly memorable. But there’s still so much more to explore. From specific shows to curated moods—and even anime karaoke—there’s something for everyone on this channel.

The Vibrant Sounds of 100% Anime

The creators behind our favorite anime songs are some of the most talented and multifaceted artists in history. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire channel to highlighting these musical extraordinaires.

After becoming a household name in the ’90s with the release of her debut single “Yakusoku wa Iranai,” Japanese singer Maaya Sakamoto has contributed her lush vocals to a number of soundtracks geared toward the anime genre. Through her collaborations with composer Yoko Kanno, she has been featured on several well-received songs including “Kaze ga Fuku Hi” and “bitter sweet.”

The timeless and captivating music from Studio Ghibli is a testament to the exceptional talent of Joe Hisaishi, a film composer who serves as the musical director for the studio’s most cherished songs. Hisaishi’s anime hits surpass genres and eras. He enhances even the simplest of scenes through his musical genius and empathetic understanding of the characters’ emotions; ultimately, Hisaishi creates some of the best anime soundtracks out there.

Teleport To Your Favorite Era

Speaking of surpassing eras, anime music has experienced a mesmerizing transformation that has deeply resonated with fans worldwide. With each decade, anime music has grown and expanded; classics from the ’70s, for example, began incorporating traditional Japanese melodies and catchy pop sounds.

Synth-driven compositions were heavily used during the ’80s, including the iconic “Dragon Ball” theme, while the ’90s expanded the genre into the mainstream. Fans of anime can hear the evolution of anime music across five decades and experience directly how the genre ushered forth a broader range of musical styles.

Just Arrived on Deezer

As a premier destination for anime enthusiasts, Deezer features an impressive list of the latest soundtracks that offer an expansive selection for varied tastes. Several renowned artists have recently released new tunes for ardent anime music fans, from exciting themes of GINTAMA (both the series and the film) to ReoNa’s 2023 album, HUMAN.

Simmering with pulsating beats and tight harmonies to evoke moods to match the moments, these new arrivals are sure to engage hardcore anime music fans.

Legendary Anime: Original Soundtracks

From One Piece Film: Red to Suzume to Attack on Titan and more, we’ve encapsulated the most legendary anime albums into a single channel for your convenience and enjoyment.

The music of Naruto is an international favorite, seamlessly blending the genres of rock, electronic, orchestral, and traditional Japanese sounds. Each score takes listeners across an experience that transcends boundaries, resulting in a powerful tug at the heartstrings. Iconic songs from Naruto include the somber yet moving “Sadness and Sorrow,” which features a beautiful piano arrangement, and “The Rising Fighting Spirit,” a battle song.

The music on the Tokyo Revengers Original Soundtrack is jam-packed with all the drama and action listeners could ever hope for. The music adds a dedicated amount of punk rock and guitar grooves that add intensity and thrills to each moment of the story. From one scene to the next, this soundtrack resonates from start to finish and keeps listeners brimming with anticipation at every turn.

See You in the AnimeVerse

Anime is more than just a style of animation; it encompasses a vibrant and captivating realm of storytelling. Devoted anime enthusiasts recognize the pivotal role that music plays in heightening the dramatic elements. While the expansive sonic universe that hosts some of the best anime songs has long been cherished in Japan, it now traverses faster than ever, captivating millions of new fans worldwide.

Throughout the years, anime’s enchanting sounds have connected Japanese culture with the Western world and introduced the tapestry of their unique customs and traditions. The AnimeVerse channel on Deezer is a one-stop shop for fans looking to immerse themselves in the captivating world of the best anime music: a comprehensive experience for true anime music lovers.

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