The Four Pillars of ACPS


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In an era dominated by digital streaming, Deezer has embarked on a mission to redefine the way artists are compensated for their work. With the launch of its groundbreaking Artist-Centric Payment System (ACPS), Deezer aims to create fairer incentives and shift more revenue towards the creators who make the music users love.

Distinguishing between Music and Noise

At the core of Deezer’s ACPS are four critical pillars designed to address longstanding issues within the streaming industry. The first pillar involves distinguishing between music and noise. Deezer has declared war against irrelevant sounds, such as rain noises and washing machines, ensuring that these distractions do not shortchange artists. Deezer is committed to directing funds toward genuine artist content by removing white noise from the money pool.

Artist Boosts

The second pillar of the ACPS, the artist boost, is a clear demonstration of Deezer’s appreciation for real artists with dedicated fan bases. Artists who amass over 1000 streams per month from at least 500 listeners receive a double boost, creating a strong incentive to champion artists with a loyal following. This pillar is a testament to Deezer’s recognition of the hard work and dedication of these artists.

Active Streams

Deezer’s ACPS also prioritizes active streams over algorithmic manipulation. Songs that users discover organically, add to their favorites or include in their playlists receive a boost in market shares. This approach ensures that artists are rewarded based on genuine user engagement rather than artificial promotion.

User Cap and Fraud Detection

Deezer has implemented a user cap to prevent system abuse, limiting streams per user to 1000 and incorporating a robust fraud detection system. Deezer aims to uphold the platform’s integrity and ensure fair compensation for artists by addressing fraudulent streams and maintaining a user-centric focus.

With its Artist-Centric Payment System, Deezer is leading the charge toward a more equitable and artist-friendly streaming ecosystem. By rewarding genuine content and fostering user engagement, Deezer is not only revolutionizing the way artists are compensated but also enhancing the music streaming experience for listeners worldwide. As the industry continues evolving, Deezer remains committed to empowering artists and ensuring their creative contributions are duly recognized and rewarded.

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