Your Guide to Deezer’s K-Pop Universe: Top Playlists and Trending Albums for K-Pop Enthusiasts


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Whether you’re new to the world of K-pop music or a longtime K-pop obsessive, a great place to get your fix of the latest tunes and old-school favorites is on Deezer’s K-pop channel.

The channel breaks down the genre into your favorite categories and K-pop playlists you won’t want to hit pause on. With Deezer, it’s easy to find the K-pop music you want when you want it.

All About K-pop for a Broad Overview

All About K-Pop offers the full range of K-pop styles and sounds in easily digestible playlists. Want the best that K-pop has to offer? Try out Top K-Pop for the best from the biggest artists, including IVE’s I AM,” Jimin’s Like Crazy, and XG’s SHOOTING STAR.” Feel like chilling to girl groups only? The OMGirls! playlist gives you ’80s hits from femme-centric bands like Dreamcatcher, Fifty Fifty, and NewJeans. Or maybe you feel like checking out the K-pop coming from across the Sea of Japan — the Japanese K-Pop playlist has what you need. Boy bands, duets, collabs, latest releases — Deezer has it all.

In the Mood for K-Pop Offers Just the Right Feeling

When you want to listen to tunes that suit a specific feeling or mood, then you need In the mood for K-pop. Feeling carefree and ready for sun? Try out K-Pop Summer Hits playlist, with bangers like LE SSERAFIM’s UNFORGIVEN featuring Nile Rodgers and Aespa’s SPICY.” Or check out K-Pop Chill for 50 jams of blissed-out relaxation like Ateez’s Light, BTS’s Life Goes On, and Hwa Sa’s just talking to myself.” Get your blood pumping with our K-Pop Workout playlist featuring Blackpink’s Pink Venom” and Everglow’s “Bon Bon Chocolat.” Still waking up? Turn on K-Pop Morning. Whatever mood you’re in, In the Mood for K-Pop has the tunes.

100% Idols for the Stans

We get it. Sometimes, only one sound, one group will do. 100% Idols lets you choose the artist, then Deezer does the rest. Feel like crushing on some old-school BTS? The 100% BTS playlist gives you 40 uninterrupted songs, including “Butter,Boy in Luv,” and “Louder than bombs.” Or find other artists, including (G)I-DLE, ITZY, Stray Kids, and many more. In fact, over 30 top K-pop artists have playlists made up only of their music. That’s hours and hours of pure Idol heaven right at your fingertips.

Playlists From Your Idols Get You Closer

Ever wonder what music inspires your favorite K-pop idols? Now at Deezer, many of the top K-pop groups have created their very own playlists to share with you. Select BTS’s “#ARMY” playlist and get a full hour and 39 minutes of the boy band’s favorites, laced not only with some of their own hits but also with songs by Billie Eilish, Post Malone, and A$AP Ferg. Also, check out another top boy band’s playlist with AB6IX’s #ABNEW, stacked with 25 fresh hits like 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care,” Younite’s 1 of 9,” and SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me,” as well as a slew of their own bangers such as “Sugarcoat,”“SAVIOR, and Sucker for your love.” You’ll also find playlists from performers like ENHYPEN, THE BOYZ, MAMAMOO, and many more.

The K-Pop Drop for the Latest and Greatest

When you need the freshest sounds and the latest releases, the K-Pop Drop is where you need to be. You’ll find all the newest releases from all your K-pop stars. Arranged chronologically so it’s always easy to find what’s just been released, this section constantly changes as new releases stack up. You’ll find dozens of releases that can stretch back weeks or months, so even albums that were released a while back can be found here.

K-Pop Rewind Keeps it Old School

No matter what generation we come from, we all love to revisit the music from back when now and again. K-Pop Rewind lays out an array of playlists featuring your K-pop favorites from years past. The playlists are conveniently divided up into eras and also by generation. For example, K-Pop 1st Generation gives you 60 gruoves of the early groundbreakers of the late ’90s and early 2000s, like Seotaiji and Boys (“Come Back Home”) and NRG (“Hit Song”). K-Pop 2nd Generation lays down 70 songs of the biggest names from the early 2000s and into the 2010s. Likewise with K-Pop 3rd Generation and 4th Generation. You’ll also find “best of” compilations of the most popular K-pop songs and best K-pop albums from select years, including 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Explore K-culture

If you still can’t get enough of K-pop and K-drama music, then you should definitely be checking out other aspects of Korean culture in Deezer’s selection. Find soundtracks to groundbreaking series like Descendants of the Sun and My Love From the Star. You can also mix it all up with the K-OST playlist, mixing in tunes from all your favorite shows. You can also test your knowledge with K-pop quizzes focused on different generations.