Hyperpop Revolution: Artists Leading the Scene 


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What is so hyper about hyperpop? We’re glad you asked. This highly experimental pop genre is on our radar thanks to a handful of outstanding artists. Let us show you their work, the highlights of the hyperpop genre.

The Birth of Experimental Pop

Hyperpop started to develop in the early 2010s and firmly took hold among those who were hungry for a particular mix of experimentation, energy, and fun. Most recently, TikTok has been the platform for spreading the love of hyperpop far and wide. As it evolves and matures, the genre has become a beacon for youth, inclusivity, and innovation.

You’ve probably already heard some of the most popular hyperpop songs out there, so you might be familiar with some names on our list. We know you’ll find some surprises as well! This trip starts in the early 2010s, and it just keeps going.

Sophie Xeon, the One and Only SOPHIE

Most known for the 2017 album Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, SOPHIE was a highly experimental, innovative artist. The album, as well as many recognizable singles — like “Bipp”, “Lemonade”, and “MSMSMSM” — have a trance-like property that is defining of the genre itself.

Sadly, SOPHIE passed away in an accident in January 2021. But before that, SOPHIE had already created a legacy. The Scottish songwriter and DJ collaborated with big names like Namie Amuro, Kim Petras, and even Madonna, giving them all the characteristic hyperpop treatment.

One more thing we can learn from SOPHIE about the essence of hyperpop is that the genre challenges barriers, roles, and preconceptions. Even though the genre was at the height of its expansion in the mid-2010s, don’t let yourself think its time has passed. Hyperpop’s influences have extended all over the place, and its roots have taken a firm hold in mainstream music.

100 Gecs. Is That Enough Gecs?

The answer is a resounding no, as evidenced by their 2020 album, 1000 gecs, and their most recent album, 10,000 gecs. Since their rise in 2015, Dylan Brady and Laura Des have made 100 Gecs one of the top hyperpop artists out there.

Their songs hit the sweet spot between early 2000’s emo and pop-punk vibes. Their music and lyrics have a fun and lighthearted approach, with “Hollywood Baby” and “757” being some of the best examples of their unique mix of musical flavors.

Brady and Des like to have fun at work, and it shows. Their abrasive and happy style shows you the fundamental structure that the genre is built upon. Unlike mainstream pop, it’s not meant to be simple, catchy, or cute. Instead, it uses specific elements of pop to make something entirely new and unique — some might even say hyper.

Dorian Electra, Most Certainly Flamboyant!

They know what they’re doing, that’s for certain. Dorian Electra debuted in 2019 with their album, Flamboyant, and followed it with the success of My Agenda, although they had been in the spotlight as far back as 2010.

Their music is reminiscent of earlier pop, European house, and even J-pop. Electra’s albums are unique and, for lack of a better word, trippy. Their use of experimental sounds and freaky rhythms is sure to entice you.

You may have noticed Dorian is the second non-binary artist on this list (along with SOPHIE). The hyperpop is closely linked to LGBTQ+ communities and activism. Both artists have expressed a non-interest in traditional gender roles and, in doing so, have provided a voice for those who needed one.

Charli XCX. Obviously.

Some may call her the most mainstream, others might call her the most successful. We call her Charli XCX. She clearly loves collabs, and doing so has helped her become one of the hyperpop artists who has done the most to introduce the genre to a wider audience.

She’s worked with Icona Pop, Tiësto, and Iggy Azalea, always bringing the hyperpop flare. In fact, she rose to fame right after she collaborated with Icona Pop on the song “I Don’t Care”. Since then, she has released hit after hit of pop-y goodness, including “Speed Drive” from the Barbie movie. Even though she is not so fond of labeling her music one genre or another, her fans don’t hesitate to call her the face of hyperpop.

A. G. Cook

We couldn’t possibly end this article without mentioning the mastermind behind so many hyperpop hits: A. G. Cook, the artist and producer responsible for great collab work with SOPHIE, Charli XCX, Qt, and even Beyoncé. Cook, the English Genius, has most recently delighted us by collaborating with Hikaru Utada.

Let’s be honest — A. G. might just be the brains behind the whole hyper-operation. His sound and style spread infectiously inside and outside the hyperpop community, especially as he’s linked to many household names.

Hungry for More?

We knew you were going to end up craving some more hyperpop, so we prepared this hyperpop playlist just for you. It has the greatest hits of every artist we mentioned earlier, plus the best tunes by some rising stars such as EASYFUN, Qt, and Hannah Diamond. There are plenty of treats and surprises for you to enjoy, so prepare yourself for two and a half hours of non-stop hyper fun.

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