Music to Energize Your Back-to-School Routine


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Back-to-school season is upon us, and with it comes the need for some energizing tunes to help you power through your daily routines. Take a last stroll through 2023’s biggest summer songs or explore the Bubble channel, where we bring you playlists for every mood – whether that’s You Up? for chilling in bed or Vibe Check‘s feel-good beats. Whether you’re waking up in the morning, studying for exams, or looking to let loose and party with friends, Deezer has you covered with playlists and music recommendations to suit every activity. So, grab your headphones and let’s dive into it.

Starting the Day

Mornings can be tough, especially when you’re trying to get back into the swing of things after a long summer break. To start your day off right, check out Deezer’s The Breakfast Club playlist, Morning Chill playlist, and the Feel Good channel. They are filled with morning music from various genres (like the bright and breezy “Lovely Day” and “Here Comes the Sun”) that will help you shake off the sleepiness and get you ready to face the day. From pop hits to soothing acoustic melodies, these beats will set the perfect tone for a productive morning.


When it’s time to hit the books and focus on your studies, finding the right focus music can be a game-changer. Our Focus channel offers an extensive collection of study playlists curated specifically to enhance concentration and productivity. From Lofi playlists to hip-hop beats and nature soundscapes, these playlists feature everything from instrumental and classical music to melodic beats and ambient sounds that will help you stay in the zone and maximize your study sessions.

Chilling out

After a long day of classes and studying, it’s important to unwind and relax. Deezer’s Chill Channel is the perfect destination for laid-back, chill music to help you find your zen. Check out the Lowkey playlist and the ASMR Channel to cruise through some soothing escapes. Let the calming melodies and gentle rhythms transport you to a place of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Working Out

Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for both your physical and mental well-being, and Deezer offers plenty of workout music that will keep you motivated and energized during your gym sessions or outdoor runs. Dive into the Workout Channel, where you’ll find playlists like Crossfhits, RunningHits, or HouseWorkout. These playlists are filled with energetic tracks that will push you to go the extra mile and make your workouts more enjoyable.

Partying and Socializing

Life is all about balance, and taking breaks and having fun with friends is important. When it’s time to let loose and party, Deezer’s got you covered with an extensive selection of party music full of upbeat and danceable tracks across genres like Pop, EDM, and R&B. Look for the PartyChannel and Feel Good Channel and explore playlists like Party Hits, Hip-Hop Party Anthems, or 80s Party Hits — they’re packed with energetic tracks that will get everyone on their feet and keep the good vibes flowing.

Family Time

In the middle of a busy back-to-school routine, sometimes it’s good to make time for family bonding. When everyone’s piled into the car for a school run, you need something everyone can agree on. Our Family Time playlist features a mix of tracks in various languages that are suitable for all ages, so there’s no more arguing over the radio station. For those cozy weekends when you can enjoy a leisurely breakfast and afternoon activities together, the Weekend Chill playlist is the perfect accompaniment. With its mix of throwbacks, soothing melodies, and uplifting vocals, this collection creates a relaxed and laid-back ambiance.

Soundtrack your back-to-school routine

No matter what you’re up to, Deezer has channels, playlists, and music recommendations to fit the mood. From waking up and getting ready in the morning to studying, playing video games, and hanging with friends, we’ve got the soundtrack for your back-to-school routine sorted. So, dive in for some inspiration and motivation. With Deezer, you have endless musical possibilities that will enhance your productivity, boost your mood, and make your back-to-school experience even more memorable. Go ahead, create your life’s soundtrack.

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