Deezer, the French company that became an international music streaming service


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In 2007, the company Deezer was founded in Paris, France. Since then, the French platform has expanded beyond the country to become a global music streaming platform. Let’s take a look at Deezer’s success and its French origins!

Deezer, the origins of a French startup

In the early 2000s, the concept of music streaming was not yet popular in France or elsewhere. Daniel Marhely, the founder of Deezer, had the idea of developing a platform in his kitchen in Paris. Initially named Blogmusik, the goal was to provide self-service access to music. This website became Deezer in 2007. The streaming service grew very quickly and, from 2009, Deezer was offering web-based services in the form of either a paid premium subscription or limited free access.

Deezer’s strength has been its business model, which combines B2B and B2C. A long-running partnership with the telephone operator Orange allowed for effective early growth in the French music streaming market. But Deezer’s expansion to other global markets has been mainly down to its innovative tech value proposition.

Deezer is a French company, not an American company

Yes indeed! Deezer is not an American company, but a French one. Today, Deezer is an international organization with a team of over 600 people based all over the world (Germany, Brazil, United States, France, United Kingdom). The entire Deezer team is united by its passion for music as well as for innovation and technology.

An international streaming platform proud of its French origins

The tech and research teams work daily to build cutting-edge features and to differentiate themselves from the competition in the music streaming industry. What’s more, through its relationships in the music ecosystem, Deezer has positioned itself as a global player with artists, labels, partners and listeners all around the world.

Everything Deezer offers today

The French-born company is currently one of the leading independent music streaming platforms in the world. With a catalog of over 90 million songs, the Deezer app provides users with access to songs from all over the world. Deezer’s sound quality is HiFi FLAC level for a premium listening experience.

Deezer subscribers also have access to features such as lyrics display and translated lyrics, music quizzes, offline listening and SongCatcher, a tool for identifying tracks. Moreover, the Deezer for Creators platform is designed for music professionals (artists, managers and labels) to track their statistics. Yet is above all the Flow feature that allows Deezer to differentiate itself in the market. Flow is an infinite mix of a user’s “favorited” tracks and discoveries that can be played according to a series of moods.

In July 2022, Deezer announced its merger with SPAC I2PO and its listing on the Euronext Paris stock exchange, cementing its place as a reference point in French tech and international streaming services.

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