What are the prices of Deezer subscriptions?


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If you’re looking for information on Deezer subscriptions and their annual or monthly prices, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you the low-down on how much each plan costs and what you’ll get from our music streaming service!

Hold up! Before you read further there’s something you should know!

Each paid subscription at Deezer comes with HiFi sound. This means that you can listen to your favorite tracks in superior, almost CD-quality sound, as though you’re right in the recording studio! Our 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC files have lossless quality, making your listening experience unforgettable. Now, let’s take a look at the different subscription options at Deezer.

Why is Deezer a paying service?

When you sign up to a paid Deezer subscription, you’re not only paying for unlimited access to our catalog with HiFi sound quality. Your money allows us to keep doing what we do best; providing fair and transparent payment for artists as well as a personalized streaming service run by passionate music experts. Alongside endless music recommendations tailored to your tastes, you’ll have access to an extensive catalog of editorial playlists, live sessions of your favorite artists recorded at our Paris Deezer HQ, music quizzes to test your knowledge with friends, and so much more.

Deezer Free

The first is, of course, Deezer Free, where you don’t pay a single cent monthly. If you choose the free option, you will have ads in between songs and can turn on shuffle play. The music isn’t HiFi quality, however, and plays at 128kbps MP3 audio. You’ll still get personalized recommendations from Flow.

Deezer Student

1 month free. Then $5.99/month*

For students on a budget, Deezer Student is the best choice. Enjoy ad-free music, play whichever songs you like, get recommendations from flow, access as many tracks as you wish, and all this in HiFi quality! Pretty cool, right?

Deezer Premium

1 month free. Then $11.99/month*

25% off when paid annually, an entire year of music for $107.99 ($9.00/month when paid annually)*

What is the price for Deezer Premium you ask? For the listed price, you get several amazing features including ad-free music, playing all your favorite tracks, access to our entire catalog, downloading music and listening to it offline, and once again,  everything is in HiFi quality sound!

Deezer Family

1 month free. Then $19.99/month*

If your whole family loves music, then the best option is Deezer Family! You get up to 6 individual accounts, and each user gets personalized suggestions, ad-free music, and access to our comprehensive catalog. Play your favorite songs whenever you wish, and listen to everything in HiFi sound. You even get content specifically for children so that the little ones can enjoy too!

Deezer Duo

$15.99 /month (20% off Family) for 3 months*

Live the Music with your other half! Friend, partner, family member, roommate and everyone in between… with Duo get 2 Premium accounts at a discounted rate complete with ad free music, offline listening, Flow, music quizzes, Shaker, and all the other premium features we have to offer. 

It’s double the fun and double the music!

How much do artists get paid per stream through Deezer?

Deezer’s Artist-Centric Payment System (ACPS) marks a significant leap forward in ensuring fair compensation for artists in the music streaming landscape. By prioritizing genuine artist content and rewarding user engagement, Deezer ensures that artists are paid more fairly for their work. With measures such as the artist boost for those with dedicated fan bases and the prioritization of active streams over algorithmic manipulation, artists have the opportunity to earn more for their music compared to traditional streaming models. Deezer’s commitment to fairness and fostering a vibrant music community benefits both artists and listeners alike, creating a more equitable and rewarding streaming experience for all.

There you have it! The breakdown of the prices of Deezer subscriptions and what each will give you in the long term. Whether you’re a student, a music lover, or a family with a plan, one thing’s certain, you’ll have access to your favorite tracks while helping your most loved artists make the remuneration they deserve.

*These prices may differ depending on the country you are in.

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