Top 9 2010s Songs and Music


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Ah, the 2010s — a time of questionable fashion choices, viral dance moves, and music that could make you groove and cringe at the same time. Join us as we embark on a journey to the not-so-distant past and go through a list of the best 2010s songs ruling the charts during this unforgettable era.

Ah, the 2010s — a time of questionable fashion choices, viral dance moves, and music that could make you groove and cringe at the same time. Join us as we embark on a journey to the not-so-distant past and go through a list of the best 2010s songs ruling the charts during this unforgettable era.

1. Taylor Swift: A Decade of Melodic Mastery

No throwback to the 2010s is complete without mentioning the indomitable Taylor Swift. This era saw Swift’s transformation from a country sweetheart to a global pop sensation. Hits like “Love Story,” “Shake It Off,” and “Blank Space” not only dominated the billboards but also marked milestones in her musical evolution. With her relatable lyrics and empowering melodies, Swift’s songs remain etched in our hearts.

2. Ed Sheeran: From Busker to Balladeer

Another artist who captured the essence of the 2010s is the talented Ed Sheeran. Armed with just a guitar and a loop pedal, Sheeran rose from busking on the streets to headlining arenas worldwide. Songs like “Thinking Out Loud” and “Shape of You” became the anthems of love and romance for a generation. Sheeran’s ability to craft heartfelt ballads ensured his place in the pantheon of 2010s music.

3. Skrillex: Call 9-1-1 now!

And then there’s Skrillex, the electronic music maestro who changed the game entirely. With his bass-dropping beats and genre-defying creations, Skrillex, also known as Sonny John Moore, became the face of dubstep’s rise to prominence. Songs like “Bangarang” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” injected an electrifying jolt into the music scene, ushering in a new era of EDM that still reverberates through festivals and dance floors worldwide.

4. Katy Perry: Teenage Dream to Prism Queen

Katy Perry‘s candy-coated pop took the music scene by storm in the early 2010s. Her album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection spawned a string of chart-toppers, including the titular song “Firework” and “California Gurls”. Perry’s energetic performances and arena-shaking bangers made her a household name. As the decade progressed, Perry’s sound matured with time, as seen in her Prism album, which showcased her versatility and evolution as an artist.

5. LMFAO: The Party Rock Revolution

No discussion of the 2010s is complete without a nod to the infectious beats of LMFAO. The uncle-nephew duo Redfoo and Sky Blu brought the house down with their high-energy EDM songs. “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It” became anthems of carefree partying and unapologetic self-expression. Their music dominated dance floors and left an indelible mark on pop culture.

6. Adele: The Soulful Siren

Adeles soulful voice and deeply heartfelt lyrics captivated listeners throughout the 2010s. Her album 21 delivered emotionally charged songs like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Someone Like You,” striking a chord with audiences worldwide. Adele’s ability to convey raw emotions through her music made her an icon of the era, and her songs continue to resonate with listeners today.

7. Rihanna: Unapologetic and Unstoppable

Rihanna‘s reign in the 2010s solidified her status as a pop and R&B powerhouse. With hits like “We Found Love”, “Diamonds”, and “Work”, she dominated the charts and our hearts. Rihanna’s distinctive voice and fearless approach to pushing artistic boundaries set her apart. Her music entertained and challenged norms, making her an unforgettable figure in the 2010s music scene.

8. Avicii: The EDM Luminary

The 2010s witnessed the meteoric rise of EDM, and at the forefront was the late Avicii. Songs like “Wake Me Up” and “Levels” broadcasted his ability to blend electronic elements with vibrant melodies, creating anthems that transcended the genre. Avicii’s music brought people together on dance floors around the world, and his legacy continues to inspire a new generation of electronic artists.

9. Maroon 5: Pop-Rock Perfection

Admittedly, they started way earlier than 2010. However, Maroon 5 seamlessly bridged the gap between pop and rock and dominated the 2010s, delivering hits that were impossible to resist. Songs like “Moves Like Jagger” and “Sugar” exemplified their signature sound: Pop-y guitars and keys, lots of synths, upbeat rhythms, and Adam Levine’s heavenly voice (and abs). Maroon 5’s music provided the soundtrack for road trips, parties, and moments of pure joy throughout the 2010s.

A Decade to Remember with 2010s Music

As we look back at the incredible and unforgettable moments of the 2010s, the music stands out as a timeless capsule of the era. Taylor Swift‘s beginnings, LMFAO‘s party rocking, and the chart-topping reigns of Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran all contribute to a soundtrack that defines a decade. Whether you’re dancing — like nobody’s watching — to “Party Rock Anthem” or belting out “Love Story” like it’s your own, these throwback tunes are here to stay (cringe-worthy dance moves and all).

The 2010s were a transformative decade for the music industry, giving birth to unforgettable hits and introducing us to artists who continue to shape today’s musical landscape. This list of 2010s hits provides a nostalgic glimpse into a time that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. So, plug in your headphones, hit play, and let the melodies of the past decade carry you away on a musical trip like no other.

As we bid adieu to the iconic 2010s, let’s carry forward the spirit of those throwback jams into the 2020s and beyond. These melodies have woven themselves into the fabric of our lives, reminding us that no matter how much the world changes, the power of music to evoke emotion and create lasting memories remains unwavering.