From 8-Bit to Epic: The Best Video Game Music


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Whether delving into a classic hero’s journey, defusing a government agency military operation, or competing in an Olympic-styled event, gamers these days are accustomed to hearing music that perfectly fits the mission on their screens. And you won’t have to venture far to find the perfect soundtrack to accompany your gaming adventures.

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Playlist Pairing for a Curated Experience

The artistry of composers and producers associated with the gaming industry has significantly increased over the years, and now we celebrate the best gaming music today. From chill music to rock hits, every genre has been featured in video games, each telling a distinct story. Pair your playtime with a playlist to match or influence your mood and watch your experience elevate!

Lofi and Chill Soundscapes

Get into a flow state with a chill lofi music mix. Slowed and reverbed covers by Lofi Fruits Music and Chill Fruits Music create a dreamy gaming atmosphere with a hint of nostalgia. Mounika.‘s “20” is a melodic lofi release that serves as the perfect start of a gaming sesh. Enriched with a vocal raspiness and a soul that speaks to listeners, this song is peppered with percolating drum beats and meticulous arrangements. Bring up the tempo and have some fun with songs like “bossa uh” by potsu, which is precisely what the title implies: a lofi spin on bossa nova beats. Whether you like your lofi chilled or more upbeat, there’s something for every mood.

Classic and Modern Hits

Shuffling through an assortment of modern and classic favorites is another way to curate your gaming experience. EDM fans might get into gaming mode with the help of various electronic and instrumental artists, including Flume, Disclosure, and Odesza. Some gamers find solace in vibing to top hits, like “Heat Waves” by Glass Animals or Britney Spears‘sToxic.” Be warned, though — this playlist might make you want to push pause, clear the floor, and dance.

Games on the Brain

Maybe you’re traveling (or away from your console for any reason) and can’t get that one video game soundtrack out of your head. When you crave some gaming, the immersive sounds of those worlds are sure to satiate, even without the option to play.

Final Fantasy

Recognized as one of the OG video games, Final Fantasy made its name in the industry not only with a great adventure series but with music that was pitch-perfect for the genre. The creators call on some of the best composers to create each album, and fans have continued to be enthralled by engaging songs that accompany each release and carry on the series’ rich history. What makes Final Fantasy stand apart from other video games is an openness to audition different perspectives musically while staying true to the orchestral sound that has resonated with gamers. Standout songs to be found across the many soundtracks include “Aerith’s Theme and “Zanarkand,” as well as the main theme.

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. was not just a groundbreaking technological achievement that is still revered to this day, but it also brought along a collection of iconic songs that deeply touched the hearts, captivated the eyes, and engaged the minds of fans across the globe. The new Super Mario Bros. Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a fun addition to the Mario gaming soundtrack vault. If you enjoy music scores and have a soft spot for nostalgia, check out Press Start – the ultimate musical medley Easter egg hunt. From the mushroom and coin sound effects to the Mario Super Star power-up (and even a masterfully concealed Bowser laugh), there’s something new and exciting to discover each time you listen. Maybe you’d prefer a more modern take on the classic Mario sound, like the cover of the theme song for The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, “Super Mario Bros. Rap” by Ali Dee. But we can’t forget to mention the comical earworm Peaches,” performed and co-written by Jack Black, who voices Bowser in the new animated movie.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher is a game that delves deep into the fantasy world. With Geralt of Rivia at the center of the action as the protagonist, players are exposed to brilliant worlds and thrilling adventures laden with adult themes and compelling storytelling. Fittingly, the music of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt mirrors the action on screen, with a liberal introduction of medieval tonal elements included to create an intense atmosphere. Heroic drumming takes Geralt through each mission, with producers incorporating Polish and other Slavic elements to augment the medieval setting. Standout songs on the album include “Commanding the Fury and Eyes of the Wolf — perfect examples of music complementing narrative with precision.

Video Music Creates Worlds

When video games endeavor to construct a world, they also set out to include all elements, which extends to music. Whatever the setting, no matter the mission, video games inherently possess a culture and style all their own, with music serving as a rich layer establishing the atmosphere for gamers to enjoy. And if you’re looking to level up your gaming playlist, we’ve got you covered with the best gaming music available to stream.

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