9 Best Drill Albums to Listen to Right Now


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Drill music is here to stay, and the proof is in the digital pudding as the music industry has created a path for its performers to enter the mainstream. Since developing in the late 2000s and early 2010s, drill music has had a slew of artists and songs that have come to the mainstream and become classics.

Drill Music, the New Kid on the Block

There’s no denying that drill, from its origins in Chicago to its subsequent spread to New York and London, has become the prevailing musical genre of our time and has certainly sparked its fair share of publicity worldwide. Drill rap has garnered immense popularity since its inception, blending gangsta rap and trap music elements. This article will introduce the best drill albums today. For those new to the genre, there will be plenty of introduction to its prominent artists. The following are the best drill albums that have significantly impacted the industry and changed the sound of hip hop music for the future.

Digga D – Noughty By Nature (2022)

Rapper Digga D, originally from Ladbroke Grove in West London, initiated his musical journey as one of the founding members of 1011, and his fame began to soar in the year 2017. There is a string of drill songs lately that exemplify the essence of the sound, where classic 50 Cent hits are reimagined with a singular twist. However, Noughty by Nature came strong in 2022, and it truly stands out when he showcases his expertise. Digga D and his rapid lyrical prowess combine with a pulsating club beat that elevates this mixtape into a memorable experience. It’s worthy of a listen and worthy of the hype.

Central Cee – 23 (2022)

Rapping since the age of 14, West Londoner Central Cee has taken his musical influences growing up and shifted them into the drill genre paradigm. More than a decade later with 23, Central Cee displays a sense of growth and introspection, effectively letting down his guard and showing more to his growing fan base. He maintains a consistent theme of self-exploration, creating an album that feels candid and sincere. Consequently, the record boasts several standout moments and is a precursor to bigger things to come.

J Hus – Beautiful and Brutal Yard (2023)

Renowned for his role in pioneering the Afroswing genre, J Hus rose to prominence in 2015, propelled by the release of his song titled “Dem Boy Paigon.” But put plainly, Beautiful and Brutal Yard (B.A.B.Y.) highlights Hus’ most exceptional attribute — his musical prowess. As he reaffirms his status as the darling of the UK rap scene, this album showcases a bold exploration of diverse sounds and sonic styles, surpassing the dynamism of his prior releases. This release proves that wherever J Hus decides to go, his fans will gladly follow.

Ice Spice – Like..? (2023)

There is no bigger female MC in the game right now than Ice Spice, whose meteoric rise in only two years since her debut has been spectacular and all-consuming. On Like..?, Ice Spice impressively maintains a consistently smooth performance across the majority of the songs, with her exceptional voice standing out as one of the EP’s primary features. Her fans expect more from her as soon as possible, and it seems as if she plans to deliver her sound from The Bronx to every corner of the earth.

Fivio Foreign – B.I.B.L.E. (2022)

Brooklyn-based drill rapper Fivio Foreign started out contributing featured verses to other rappers’ songs, but he broke through in a big way and never looked back. While some performers peak after one album, many also rise to the occasion. With the release of B.I.B.L.E, Fivio Foreign’s delivery remains impressively sharp throughout the entire album, underscoring his ability to attain extraordinary greatness when paired with the right beats.

DJ Smokey – Nuked Out Dance Party (2023)

Dj Smokey achieved acclaim for spearheading the distinctive Memphis rap style, recognized for its extensive utilization of eerie, entrancing rhythms and distinctive vocal excerpts. As a producer, Dj Smokey understands how easy it is to procure a sample these days to bring a new element into your sonic experience. The most commendable aspect of Nuked Out Dance Party lies in its sampling technique, particularly in crafting background melodies that are catchy and sure to get fans off their feet and onto the dancefloor. The mixing and remixing are exceptionally skillful, and drill purists will catch the nuances in the songs.

Shawny Binladen – WiCKMAN STiCKMAN (2023)

Credited with reimagining drill music, much was expected of Shawny Binladen from the beginning of his career and he delivered. WiCKMAN STiCKMAN elevates Shawny Binladen’s music with a touch of sophistication, yet he remains true to his artistic integrity. There are signs of neither the artist letting up nor desperation through high-profile endorsements or collaborations for the sake of popularity; instead, he keeps it authentic by featuring only fellow Grinchset members Big Yaya and Four50 in his songs.

Bandokay – M.A.R.K. (2023)

Hailing from Tottenham and a member of the OFB collective, the North Londoner comes out with all bars swinging on this latest release, the mixtape M.A.R.K. With his music, Bandokay engages directly with the urban landscape, conversing with fans through language and an emotional dynamic that connects at every level.

Blanco – ReBourne (2023)

A star is born with ReBourne, and Blanco simultaneously exhibits breathy and guttural qualities, seamlessly cutting through thick, shape-shifting 808s without ever overshadowing the delicate R&B sample. It is little wonder that the Italian resonated with fans all over the world. Masterfully produced and executed, this album is a classic moment in drill music.

Drill Albums and Their Undeniable Impact

The world of drill music continues to evolve and thrive with a plethora of outstanding albums showcasing the genre’s energy, lyrical prowess, and undeniable influence on contemporary hip hop. From the gritty storytelling of Central Cee to the unapologetic authenticity of Blanco, these albums offer a sonic journey into the heart of the streets, accompanied by haunting beats and gripping narratives.

Whether you’re a dedicated drill enthusiast or a newcomer curious to explore this dynamic subgenre, the albums mentioned here provide an excellent starting point for diving into the intense, ever-evolving world of drill music. So, fire up your speakers, immerse yourself in the soundscape, and experience the pulse of the streets through these compelling records.