Our Top Picks from the Jonas Brothers’ The Album


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The Jonas Brothers‘ newest album, aptly titled The Album, marks a triumphant return.

The brothers reunited in 2019, and we just couldn’t get enough of them! Now, The Album features a mix of pop, rock, and country, all vibing along with a masterful choir to deliver a fantastic experience.

What You Can Expect

The Jonas Brothers have always had a positive, family-friendly image, and The Album continues this tradition. It’s full of uplifting songs with meaningful lyrics and even subtle allusions to their faith; however, it also showcases the Jonas Brothers’ growth and maturity, with some of their most intimate themes to date. Lyrics that describe “[s]еx like summer in the Hamptons” and being “deep inside your sand” reveal explicit layers that one might not expect to hear from them.

The new Jonas Brothers album includes 12 tracks that resonate with the best of past albums, such as A Little Bit Longer and Happiness Begins, as well as new sensorial sounds. Jon Bellion produced the album, and you can hear his influence across the sonic landscape of each track. Listeners will notice the fusion of vocal reverb with acoustic guitar, funky bass, and distinct drum beats, accompanied by sincere lyrics and simple repeated phrases. Filled with catchy melodies and upbeat songs that will have you singing and dancing, The Album is undoubtedly a new summer favorite and a true highlight of 2023.

Most Replayable: Stuck for Days!

Every song from this album can be put on repeat, but two songs, in particular, have massive earworm energy. Nick, Joe, and Kevin are joined by the most energetic choir you have heard to deliver a powerful musical experience with the new Jonas Brothers song Celebrate! This song takes advantage of the brothers’ vocals and delights you with a stream of happiness that makes you want to keep replaying it for hours.

Waffle House” is the kind of song that fills you with whimsical delight. The brothers entangle you in a beautiful mesh of vocal arrangements and pop sounds as they reflect on their journey as touring musicians. Unified by a familiar and beloved setting, listeners feel like they’re in on the band’s “deep conversations at the Waffle House” — and are privy to a look behind the curtain of their relationship as both siblings and bandmates.

Most Heartfelt: Let the Tears Roll

Nostalgia times two—that’s “Vacation Eyes in a nutshell. The lyrics take you on a trip to that summer fling you had, and the song’s musical arrangements give off early 90s city-pop vibes and awaken memories you didn’t even know you had. This song turns you soft and mushy inside and makes you ponder the long path the Jonas Brothers have walked to reach their current, more refined sound. The cherry on top? Kevin wrote this song for his wife, Danielle, who he met on a family vacation in 2007.

Little Bird” takes the spotlight away from Nick, Kevin, and Joe and shines it on their families. This heart-melting song exudes love and devotion to their lovely wives and children, playing to their strengths as a talented and bonded trio. It speaks of protecting, nurturing, and appreciating, and it does so truly from the heart. If you’re a parent, this song will surely get you to shed a sentimental tear or two.

Most Surprising: The Long and Short of It

Spoiler Alert! The Jonas Brothers’ new song Walls has everything you didn’t know you wanted to hear from the Jonas Brothers in 2023: acoustic guitars, Spanish lyrics, a gospel-inspired sound, and a climactic experience. The brothers’ collaboration with Jon Bellion, featured in this song, does everything it can to blow your mind. They knocked it out of the park with this outstanding final track, which happens to be the longest on the album.

On the other hand, Wings” achieves a masterful balance of sounds and influences. It starts with a synthesized airy pop sound as Nick sings the opening chorus, “You are the one, the sun, the light of day / You are the wings I need to fly away.” Joe takes over the vocals in the verse, and the tempo shifts into a funky, upbeat melody. Before it ends, the music breaks down into an ethereal interlude but retains its synth elements, hitting the listener right in the feels. Clocking in at just under two minutes, it almost feels like a teaser; the brothers knew what they were doing — leaving us all begging for more — because you’ll definitely keep this one on repeat!

One Last Note on The Album

The final verdict? The Album is a perfect blend of genres that features catchy melodies and deep, uplifting messages: a fantastic return for the band of brothers from New Jersey. It’s a great album to listen to, whether you became a fan in the early 2000s or just relatively recently. The Jonas Brothers have returned stronger than ever, and The Album is a beautiful, moving experience for anyone who hears it.

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