Indie Music Icon Feist Returns with Multitudes: Our Album Review


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Singer-songwriter Leslie Feist — most well-known as Feist — is back with Multitudes. Her sixth studio album features a diverse collection of songs that delve into themes of love, loss, hope, and resilience, with Feist’s vocal prowess and songwriting talent on full display. Get ready to dive into the enchanting world of Multitudes, where Feist’s music will take you on a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing. So, let’s crank up the volume and let the album’s captivating soundscapes and poetic lyrics work their magic on our souls.

First Impressions on Feist’s New Album

Multitudes opens with “In Lightning,” a song about vulnerability, grief, and hope. It sets the tone for an ethereal experience of many dualities and mesmerizing nuances. The sound is welcoming and empowering, inviting you to prepare for a sublime audio trip. Immediately following the opener, “Forever Before” explores the intrigue and excitement of surrendering oneself to a loved one. From living a day at a time to imagining a whole life together, Feist takes you to the edge of a precipice only to show us our wings and help us soar.

Song after song, you surrender your heart, and Feist caresses it with her soothing, ineffable voice. The echoing guitar holds you captive as Feist guides you through endeavors of love, contradiction, and the human condition. Although all her songs boast this unique sound, few others manage to do so quite like “Love Who We Are Meant To.”

Layers and Tension in a Playful Soundscape

This indie pop album is an ode to imperfection and a call to embrace it. Songs such as “Hiding Out in the Open” embody the album’s peaceful and nostalgic vibe, showcasing Feist’s unique style. The song celebrates the imperfect nature of relationships, resonating with a spirit of acceptance and forgiveness. Another standout track is “The Redwing,” which features a lively interplay of complementary sounds that playfully chase each other. Feist’s delicate delivery of the lyrics is both soothing and poignant, leaving a lasting impact on the listener.

The complexity and depth of Multitudes are apparent in “I Took All My Rings Off,” where the instruments fuse together to create an intense and immersive phenomenon. The sounds and vibes make an uneasy, almost persecutory feeling, yet the melody exerts a hypnotic pull that draws you in and leaves you spellbound. The instrumentation builds up gradually, generating a palpable tension that culminates in a profoundly satisfying musical resolution. This song is a testament to the skillful layering and careful arrangement of sounds across the entire album, delivering a multi-dimensional listening experience.

An Anthology of Emotions

Feist’s lyrics are always poetic and thought-provoking, but she outdid herself in “Of Womankind.” This song is a powerful expression of self-worth, struggle, and admiration that is both personal and universally relatable. “Hugging pepper spray at night / We check under our cars / To navigate this subtle maze / Be exactly who we are,” she sings. Feist stands in solidarity with women in this song and reminds us that she isn’t afraid to be blunt. And beyond the lyrics, its stunningly beautiful melody is sure to touch listeners on a deeply emotional level.

“Become the Earth” is a meditative invitation to peacefully embrace the cycle of life. The dreamy melody and vocals create an atmospheric feel, while the song’s message of interconnectedness and unity with nature add to the overarching message of the album. On the other hand, “Borrow Trouble” is the most chaotic Feist gets, but in a way that invigorates and reminds listeners that the climax of this musical feat is approaching. It will overflow you with spirit, joy, and hope, even in the face of a harsh world.

Final Thoughts: Feist’s Multifaceted Musical Odyssey

Feist’s infectious optimism in “Martyr Moves” takes you on an emotional voyage with its ebbs and flows. This song feels even more personal, more intimate. It’s a striking reminder that we are approaching the end. It’s the kind of song that stays with you long after it’s over. “Calling All the Gods” follows, leaving you to wonder what you got into and where the music will lead you for its imminent conclusion. You feel exposed, in need of protection — yet you can’t help but love the thrilling ride.

She sings, “‘Don’t be sad, my friends.’ That’s the last thing you’ll hear me say. If you’re sad, my friends, why would I take that away?” The final song, “Song for Sad Friends,” reveals the true purpose of this album: it’s a therapeutic journey. Feist takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions with her new album, making Multitudes our top indie pop pick for you.

This album boasts everything we love about Feist: her incredible voice, unique instrumentation, and deep-hitting lyrics. Whether you’ve been patiently waiting for this release or just looking for new music to add to your playlist, Multitudes by Feist is a vital listen for indie music fans everywhere.

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