New Deezer Android app beta available for download


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We’re delighted to announce an exclusive beta rollout of a new and recharged version of the Deezer mobile app for Android. Designed to enhance the user experience for music fans worldwide, the app will let users discover new artists and tracks like never before.

“Deezer is a truly global music subscription service and smartphone adoption rates are rapidly on the rise worldwide. It’s a key mission for Deezer to always make the most of the capacities of each mobile platform. Android allowed us to innovate further, hence enabling new music discovery features” – Matthieu Gorvan, Head of Mobile.

Key features of the new app include:

Predictive search – Intelligent search predicts the name of the artist or track being searched for, meaning less time spent tapping your screen and more time listening.

Permanent mini-player – We know how people like to multi-task so we have launched the new permanent mini-player, accessible from the device lock screen and the notifications bar. This allows users to navigate between tracks outside of the application, e.g. while texting or typing an email.

Ergonomic design – Browsing for music has never been easier or more enjoyable. We’re proud of our striking re-design of the user interface which boosts discovery of new artists.

The beta version of the new Deezer app for Andoid is available for download here, and a final version will be accessible via Google Play soon.

iOS users need not worry – we haven’t forgotten about you! Watch this space for further announcements in the near future.