Momma’s Boyz: Rappers & Their Moms


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Every rapper is a Momma’s boy at heart, and many of the world’s greatest artists owe their success to the strength and support of their mothers. True, not all mother-son relationships are healthy, but family is family and when it comes to making a choice, most rappers will choose their mother’s cooking over a gold chain any day.  


2Pac – Dear Mama

“Probably the #1 go-to Hip Hop song for Mother’s Day. This beautiful song is extremely special this year as we’ve recently lost the woman who inspired it, Ms. Afeni Shakur. May you rest in peace and let your message live on.”

Kanye West – Hey Mama

“This standout cut from Late Registration shows the close relationship Kanye had with his mother, Donda.”

Goodie Mob – Guess Who

“I love this song. It’s deep and the production is dope!”

Eminem – Headlights

“The rare moment Eminem thanked his mother in song”

J. Cole – Apparently

“We all know the feeling of not being there enough. Sometimes a simple “thank you” can go a long way.”

Nas – Dance

“At the height of his big comeback, Nas lost his mother and penned this heartfelt song for his God’s Son album”

Ghostface Killah – All That I Got Is You

“Growing up with next to nothing, sometimes all you need is a strong family to keep it together”

Kendrick Lamar – Momma

“Just when you think you have it all figured out, leave it to your mother to tell you otherwise”

Beanie Sigel – Mom Praying

“Beanie Sigel and Scarface on the same song preaching about the good word from Ma Dukes”

Clipse – Momma I’m So Sorry

“This one is more of a banger but let me be honest, I reference this song anytime that I’m in the wrong with my mother”

DMX –  I Miss You

“One of the best songs off of The Great Depression”

Foxy Brown – The Letter

“It’s never too late to say sorry”

Snoop Dogg – I Love My Momma

“In true G fashion, Snoop keeps his family close by dedicating the final song on his 1999 album No Limit Top Dogg to his mother”

Outkast – Ms. Jackson

“A song about inlaws but hey, they need love too!”

Drake – You & The 6

“So many personal moments in this “conversation” with Drake’s mom”

NF – How Could You Leave Us

“This might be the saddest song included in this playlist. It pushes the importance of children needing their parents.”


Author: Darrick Williams