Deezer gets in the mood with Bang & Olufsen


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At Deezer we’re constantly on the look out for companies to work with who like to push boundaries and love music as much as we do. So, when we heard that sound specialists Bang & Olufsen had developed a new technology that responded to your mood we just had to be involved.

Deezer is exclusively integrated into Bang & Olufsen’s latest wireless system, BeoSound Moment. To give you some background, BeoSound Moment is a wireless audio system, that integrates your music collection and Deezer into one. However, this is way more than just an audio product, BeoSound Moment gives a whole new dimension to your music. BeoSound Moment can actually create a playlist according to your mood… clever right?

Not only is the technology impressive, it’s also very good looking. There are two contrasting faces to BeoSound Moment: one side, made from pure aluminium, displays your full music library for browsing on the touch-screen interface or the aluminium wheel. The other side, a touch-sensitive solid wood interface, is designed to blend in with your interior.

With its multicolour “MoodWheel”, BeoSound Moment moods are defined by different colours, and the further you get from the centre of the wheel, the more the system will search Deezer for new music that you might love. So now you can discover new music depending on your mood.

BeoSound also remembers what you like to hear using PatternPlay. For example Friday comes and you’re obviously happy – it knows you’ll want to play the best dance anthems (or depending on your age, chill out playlists).  When Monday rolls along, together with BeoSound moment, we’ll know exactly what music you want to hear to give your week the kickstart it needs.

What you’ll end up with is several musical moods (in an outstanding audio quality, of course) according to your listening habits, the day of the week and the hour. BeoSound Moment records your tastes and plays you what you want to hear.

Included when you purchase the BeoSound Moment is 12 months of Deezer so you’ll have access to all of our 35 million tracks. Click here to learn more.