Deezer Launches Its New Beta App for Windows 10


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Philanthropist and technology mogul Bill Gates can sleep soundly with Microsoft’s Windows 10 now running on over 200 million devices around the world. Released amidst a flurry of excitement last year, Windows 10 focuses on giving the user an increased personal and human experience, all through the best technology available.

Here at Deezer we also understand the power of combining the human touch with the best of technology, and personalized music recommendations sit at the heart of what we do. Over the last few months we’ve been busy working closely with Microsoft and are excited to share our new Beta app for Windows 10. The beta app is available to Premium+ and free users who wish to see how the new app will work.

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Drum roll please, we’ve created a before and after list so you can see the main differences (and also to show you guys that we’ve been working really hard)


1. There were 3 ways of accessing Deezer, depending on your device. Every app on every device was different. Confusing we know.

2. 3 different apps for Windows mobile, tablet and web, each with a different design and separate features.

3. The tablet app was updated less frequently than the mobile and web app.



1. One app and one app only across all your devices (mobile, tablet, desktop) and soon everywhere where Windows works.

2. A new ergonomic design, with revamped content pages, a new tab bar, and all your favorite music packed into “My Music”.

3. The same features across all devices.

4. All updates across your devices are synchronized.


To sum up, the newly designed ergonomic app has just opened the window (forgive the bad pun) to hassle-free navigation, meaning you can now access all your music from your home page whether you’re on your tablet, computer or mobile.

>> Download the app <<