Barbie Beats: Dancing To the Barbie Movie Soundtrack


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With the movie Barbie set to take over the summer box office, fashion world, and pop music charts, now seems like a good time to check out the Barbie movie soundtrack and get a sense of what will be on everyone’s playlist as we hit the beach. So slip into your hottest pink bikini and set your earbud volume on full blast. With songs from names like Nicki Minaj, Charli XCX, and PinkPantheress, the girl power sounds are definitely fire, the perfect accompaniment to cruising the neighborhood, sunning on the sand, and dipping into the pool when you need to cool off.

One thing the soundtrack makes clear: this summer is about finding love and having fun, not necessarily in that order. We’re pretty sure Malibu Barbie would second that.

“Barbie World” by Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice (with Aqua)

Superstar American rapper Nicki Minaj teams with New York City-born Ice Spice to lead off the “Barbie” soundtrack with “Barbie World,” laying fine rhymes over a sample from Aqua‘s classic ’90s “Barbie Girl” original. A heavy, house-style bass revs up the rhythm periodically before laying low and letting the women’s raps take center stage, with lines about being “bad like the Barbie / I’m a doll but I still wanna party.” The lyrics boast of female empowerment and being “tens” and “pulling Kens,” perfect to get the gang ready for a fun summer Saturday night. The track’s tight at just over two minutes, getting the soundtrack off to a banger of a start.

“Dance The Night” by Dua Lipa

English-Albanian singer Dua Lipa brings her brand of disco soul to the world of Barbie with “Dance The Night.” A lively bass line brings funky grooves while Lupa’s limber vocals stay smooth and forceful no matter what range she’s hitting. The lyrics are light and summery, focused on “dancing the night away” and promising that “when the night’s here, I don’t do tears,” while sprays of synth strings and keyboard flourishes add to the dancefloor vibe. Classy and infectious, this song amps up the energy in the perfect discotheque way. It’s the perfect choice for putting your summer party on overdrive.

“Barbie Dreams” by Fifty Fifty (feat. KaLiii)

Barbie is a global phenomenon, so it’s only right the soundtrack throws in some top-level K-pop sounds. Hot, new (debuting only in 2022) South Korean girl group Fifty Fifty do the honors here with “Barbie Dreams,” highlighting the aspirational qualities of Barbie with lyrics about “gorgeous girls” “dipped in diamonds and pearls.” A simple, repetitive chord progression featuring energetic synth blasts provides the hook, while American rapper KaLiii steps in to give the flow, mixing it up with some sound variety and street style. Fifty Fifty’s vocals combine nice harmonies with soulful wails, effectively adding to the glam vibe.

“Speed Drive” by Charli XCX

A driving fuzzbox bass line offset by a crisp, high-pitched keyboard melody gives “Speed Drive” a fun, throbbing drive, while English singer Charli XCX provides energetic vocals that offer an almost-percussive effect alongside the melodic phrasings. With lyrics about racing around the streets and running red lights in a convertible with your best friend, the song conjures a strong sense of summery abandon. “Got the top down, tire’s on fire,” Charli XCX sings. Neat and tidy at just under two minutes, the infectious chorus is sure to have your carful of friends singing along, even if you are the type that stops at red lights.

“WATATI” by Karol G (feat. Aldo Ranks)

Adding some Latin flavor to the party, Colombian singer Karol G brings a contagious confection titled “WATATI”, sung in Spanish over a bouncy beat. Panamanian singer Aldo Ranks peppers in some reggae-style toasting, as together the vocalists sing about going to the club, smoking, and drinking “aguardiente” until, sings Karol G, “I don’t feel my head.” It’s an ideal fit for the soundtrack, with the island rhythm keeping true to the theme of summer fun while expanding the sonic possibilities.

“Angel” by PinkPantheress

British singer PinkPantheress brings the real to the summer fun with “Angel,” a pensive song of heartbreak and disillusionment. With breathy, almost spoken-word intimacy, the singer tells us of her “baby” Johnny. But Johnny hasn’t answered her messages “in a couple of days” and ends up ghosting her. PinkPantheress then slides into a wistful chorus lamenting that “one day my baby just ran away” as a lowkey dance beat keeps the song moving. A synth solo and some disco-style embellishments add some vibrancy to the melancholy vibe, creating a perfect mix for a lonely summer night (though it works just as well as a party banger, too).

Stream the Soundtrack Today

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