Abba, Kiss and God: everything you need to know about Ghost


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One year ago we launched our first metal Deezer Session (watch it here) with guest band Ghost following the release of their critically acclaimed album Meliora. One year later we decided to meet up with one of the ‘Nameless Ghouls’ to learn a bit more about the band behind the masks.

Although there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the Swedish band, the Nameless Ghoul gives us some further insight into the formation’s psyche and their music influences.

There’s no denying Ghost stand out from the metal genre. They aren’t metal purists, nor do they reject mainstream music. This doesn’t mean to say that they don’t have a scathing view on modern society. Meliora, which the band defines as the pursuit of something better and greater, is an album that calls into question modern behavior. Have we become emotionless monsters? Have we lost sight of our spirituality and soul? Does God actually exist? Ghost explores our spiritual errancy and isn’t afraid to call us out on it.

Watch Nameless Ghoul bob up and down to ‘Dancing Queen‘, openly embrace Ghost’s theatrical rock band status, discuss Beyoncé, and analyze ABBA’s global success, their huge contribution to music history and their place in Swedish society.