20 Songs For A Toasty Autumn


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With pumpkin spice lattes and over filtered Instagram pics of brown leaves everywhere, it’s hard not to find autumn slightly overrated at times.

But autumn does have its perks. For some of us it’s the start of new beginnings, for others autumn means teaching their kids to play Conkers*. Autumn can mean getting cozy on the couch with a glass of wine with your cold feet tucked under the cushions while for others it’s about enjoying nature in all its colorful glory.

Whatever your autumn fetish, unpack your winter socks, go out and kick up a few leaves or stay at home and try to figure out how to cook Butternut Squash (I’m still trying). Whatever floats your boat this fall, this autumn playlist is a reminder of why this is a much softer season than you might expect.

PLAYLIST: http://www.deezer.com/playlist/1410734047

1. The Autumn Leaves  – Nat King Cole

It’s the end of summer, the days grow longer, and “soon you’ll hear old winter’s song”. The beauty of autumn is that it’s fleeting and melancholic.

2. Walking – The Dodos

An invigorating morning walk to freshen those cheeks. Pick up the prettiest leaf you can find and press it between the pages of a book. 

 3. Other Peoples Pockets – Nightlands

Rich and comforting, this song is like the smell of coffee when the wind is gusty outside.


4. Kids are getting younger – Benoît Pioulard

You might love kids or you might not, either way you were a kid once; autumn was quite an exciting time, harvest, vegetable picking, hot baths at 6pm, chestnut picking. You didn’t realize at the time how lucky you were to scamper around and enjoy the simpler things life had to offer without a care in the world.

5. The Garden – Faithless

There is something quite sad about this song. Autumn isn’t just about coffee and carving out pumpkins. You start to need more comfort, there is less light and winter is looming over like a big black cloud, you just need to hide in the nook of someone’s shoulder.

6. Autumn In New York – Ella Fitzgerald

Steam on the windows, putting the world to rights with your friends in your tight knit friendship bubble, oblivious to the bustling street outside… cherished moments they are.

7. From the Morning  –  Nick Drake

Partnered up for winter? Lucky you, lock those toes and spoon until you get calf cramps.

8. Cosmic Dancer  – Marc Bolan

Sit your backside on a park bench on a hill and enjoy the view my friends.

9. Seasons – Future Islands

Adapt to the changing season with this catchy little number. For those who like mental dance moves, the singer Samuel T. Herring is an absolute pro.

10. Natural Tune  –  Efterklang

The beauty of autumn is never so grand as when observed through nature. So head out to the forest and breathe the smell of crushed leaves.

11. Black Coffee  –  Sarah Vaughn

Warm up that chilled bodayyyy with Black Coffee even better get someone else to brew it for you J.

12. A Sunday Smile  –  Beirut

Embrace the slob in you, it’s Sunday, no one gives crappity crap if you haven’t brushed your teeth, simply mellow out in your cocoon… ain’t no one judging here.

13. Something Good – Alt J

New beginnings… you’re onto something good.

14. We might be Dead by Tomorrow  –  Soko

Statistics say that a person is more likely to fall in love in autumn than in summer. In summer who wants someone stuck to them when it’s baking hot? Besides you want to make the most of it… in every possible way (wink wink). In autumn you’re ready to lower your expectations and invest in a long-term human blanket.

15. Something on Your Mind  –  Karen Dalton

Grab that nasty moth-eaten poncho off the hook behind the door and ramble on in the forest. Grab a few chestnuts while you’re at it.

16. Some Velvet Morning – Lee Hazlewood

Autumn morning win level: 100%

17. Everybody’s talkin’ – Harry Nilsson

Harry Nilsson’s syrupy voice is the best thing since sliced bread. Autumn just got real folks.

18. Stay Awhile  – She & Him 

A polite way of offering to ‘Chill & Netflix’ under the covers. 

19. River  –  Akron Family

A fabulous song for maundering in the countryside and letting your mind roam freely.

20. Saturday Sun – Nick Drake

The sun is setting and you can feel the wind through your coat. Time to head off home and slip into your ugly jogging pants, nothing wrong with being an autumn home bird.